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Whether it's audiovisual content, photography, or design, the most important aspect is how we convey the story. As a professional in Media Art & Design and cultural studies, I have developed a keen ability to creatively incorporate storytelling into every detail of the creative process. In my view, there are no inherently bad stories; it's just a matter of effectively communicating them so that users can grasp the dedication behind your product or idea.  


I am a German-Colombian filmmaker, photographer, artist, and cultural scientist. During my time as a student at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, I was politically active. Subsequently, I pursued a B.A. in Cultural Studies in Saarbrücken. Following that, I obtained a Master's degree in Media Art & Design from the Saar Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in documentary film, design, and communication.


My Master's thesis, titled "DIE KUNDIN" was first presented at DOK.fest Munich in 2021. Currently, I am a member of the artists' collective Spielwerk, which engages in film, theater, and art projects in Saarbrücken, Berlin, and Athens. In 2023, I completed my "Meister" at the Saar Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of Professor Sung-Hyung Cho.


Currently, I am actively engaged in various film projects and working as a content creator. I continuously immerse myself in these endeavors, utilizing my skills and creativity to bring stories to life through visual mediums. By combining my expertise in film production, storytelling, and content creation, I strive to deliver compelling and impactful narratives to captivate audiences. It is an exciting and fulfilling journey, as I collaborate with teams and individuals to produce meaningful and engaging content across different platforms.

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